For every age and weight of a person, the needed doses of drugs may vary. So a child, adult, and older adult’s drug dose are different from each other.

It takes a good physician and pharmacist to determine the appropriate dosage for each person. At The Pharmacy, Inc., you don’t need to worry about dosage differences because we are careful, keen, and knowledgeable about factors that affect the medication plan of a particular patient.

Besides dosage, there are other factors that are crucial in the drugs a person takes. Some components in the medicine may contain chemicals that have adverse affects to some patients.

To avoid potential complications, we provide you Compounding Services that are accurate and safe. We can also help alter the form of the drug to liquid, solid, or other forms that you find easier for yourself, your child, or other loved ones to take in.

Take the worry off your brow and suffer no more of meds that you can hardly swallow. Come to The Pharmacy, Inc. and solve those problems with our highly skilled compounding pharmacists on staff.